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Asfer started his business life in Yozgat in 2006 for both manufacturing and marketing. It has gradually become an institutional structure and has expanded its marketing network day by day thanks to its regular and disciplined pace of work. Today, it provides sales and distribution services to more than 40 cities with its own vehicles and adds new cities to the distribution network every year.

Thanks to the branch it opened in Konya, it closely follows the developments in the agricultural sector, determines the development areas of the sector with fairs and business trips and constantly moves the company to a new level. ASF, increasing the trust received from customers and its product range with the idea of ​​going one step further by combining their knowledge with each passing day Turkey continuously serve the public. Our Mission: To meet the demands of our customers in the fastest and most convenient way with the accuracy, honesty, quality and service understanding we have adopted since the establishment. Our Vision: To be one of the top three companies that come to your mind when it comes to agricultural equipment spare parts wholesaling. Thank you for choosing us, WE ARE ALSO IF YOU ARE!

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